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Hello There people :)

Welcome to my tiny weeny little space on web. I am Naveen. An undergraduate student from India. I study Computer Science. I do stuffs with computers and sometimes write about it here. And when the philosopher in me kicks in, I pen down my abstract thoughts on various subjects in the world that confuses me. I also like to write about various life lessons that I learn and sometimes use this place to brag about myself :P Cough! Cough! If you noticed, I just copy pasted the description of homepage here :P Engineers are lazy ^^


You wouldn’t believe me but I have been trying to set up the blog post since past 4 months.

Yeah! You read it right. Fucking 4 months. And I finally set up my blog last month. Why? Why? Did i take so long to set up one simple blog Not like it’s great or anything. Well, my dear friend. It’s not my fault (It never is :P), Blame the choices. And my high expectations. I tend to do this often.

After reading so many interesting blogs and being mesmerised by their shiny design I wanted to make a blog similar to them. So I set out on the journey to create a mind boggling fantastic blog - Something completely out of ordinary.

I didn’t know where to start. No way on Thano’s Earth would I ever resort to building the website by myself (Insider Fact: I HATE web developement - Never made sense to me). So I choose the easy way out - Jekyll + Github Pages. Atleast I thought it was going to be easy, I always underestimate things. It was PAIN in the ASS. I realised that I really really suck at anything related to web .And here, I dreamt that one day - I’ll get the entire internet down - There goes my plan down the drain atleast for now.

So yeah! I finally succeded at setting up the Github Page and understanding the basics of Jekyll. But I still had no themes on it. It was just a normal Hello World! text. Now Now - comes the actual and real cause of the delay. CHOICES - There were so many interesting choices. Each and every choice was in someway better than the rest. But nothing really clicked my heart. Mind You! I set my expectations to a very very high bar. I must also inform you that I actually tried out 5 jekyll themes before this one xD. Woah! man. Still, Still - I did not like any of those. I was worrying about the scalability about the blog.

Don’t Laugh! Every person has the right to dream :P

Back to the story, I was pissed off after a week. Like really really pissed out, any more theme change and I would literally have a mental breakdown Don’t be so overdramatic dude. Yeah Yeah OKay Fine!. Anyway - I finally decided that it can’t go on this way. Either I need to get my expectations down and become realistic or I can say Sayonara to my Blog. I did the former. I set down my expectation, choose a minimalistic theme and here I am blogging.

Hurrah! After 4 months - I had my own webpage and a blog.

Once lesson that I understood from this ordeal is: JUST DO IT, I realised that we spend most of out time in thinking about the outcomes and the ways that we want to achieve things, and in this whole process the implementation get’s lost either because we find it very difficult or we loose our interest.

TL;DR - Don’t overthink, If you plan to do something - just put on your shoes and do it.

Now, that the story of my setting up of the blog is over. I would just like to tell you, the reader(I’m pretty sure the only person/thing who would read it would be the bots scrawling over the internet xD) that I would be using this place to put in all my un organized thoughts. So do not expect any posts to be of great quality. I generally do this in my diary but now that i spend most of the time on my laptop - It’s easier this way.

Writing down my abstract ideas have always helped me come to a conclusion. So that is what I’m gonna do here. That being said, I do write some nice stuff. If you are up for the challenge to read through my abstract ideas and see how they become clear in the idea, I would be more than happy to welcome you on-board.

That’s it for now - Maybe someother day - I’ll let in more about myself.

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